The 369 Manifestation Method In 5 Easy Steps

You want something. Maybe you want a specific person to fall in love with you, or you want a raise at work? Or maybe you even want to be healthier and fitter than ever before?
With so many stimuli bombarding us all day long, it’s virtually impossible to try to achieve everything that we truly desire.

This proven method can transform your life! We have solid proof that the 369 manifestation method works even if you think that it won’t.

Use this article as your main guide and nail down the pinpoints of what exactly it is that you want. Listen up as we provide proven ideas on how to make things happen. 

When it comes to manifestation, the numbers three, six, and nine are associated with inventor Nikola Tesla, who considered them “divine numbers.” He is famous for saying, “If only you knew the magnificence of the digits 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the cosmos.” 

Implement The 369 Manifestation Method In 5 Easy Steps

In this blog post, you’ll discover one way to apply the 369 Method to manifest your desires in 5 simple steps.

According to one version of the 369 Method, you must write an affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening.

369 Method’s goal is to help you attain vibrational alignment with your desires and then attract them into your life through the Law of Attraction.

Use the 369 Manifestation Method to materialize what you want by following the 5 steps.

Step 1: Decide on One Thing to Manifest

The first step in employing the 369 Manifestation Method is to select one thing to manifest. Right now, you probably have a million things you wish to attract. Focusing on one item at a time is the simplest method to manifest.

Knowing exactly what you want helps you cultivate the experience and attract it into your life. Then, you can easily make an affirmation to use in this manifestation strategy.

Step 2: Create an Affirmation

Create an Affirmation
Create an Affirmation

The 369 Manifestation Method’s second stage is to choose an affirmation that supports your desire.

The most effective affirmations adhere to the three P’s rule: positive, present, and personal.

Affirmations only function well when you write them in the present tense and in a positive form. Your affirmation should also feel good to you.

Energies in vibrational alignment are drawn to each other like a magnet by the Law of Attraction. As a result, the higher your vibration, the more favorable outcomes you will attract.

For example, an affirmation that might work is, “It feels so lovely to be in a devoted and loving relationship,” or ”  Now that I’ve got a new job, I’m happy and optimistic.”

Step 3: Repeat Your Affirmation Three Times In The Morning

The third stage in employing the 369 Manifestation Method is to repeat your affirmation three times in the morning.

Because you’ve just spent the entire night sleeping in a state of non-resistance, mornings are the greatest time to get into vibrational alignment with your desire.

When you wake up, your energy is neutral. You can raise your vibration by leaning toward positivity or lowering your level by leaning toward negative.

Step 4: Repeat Your Affirmation Six Times In The Afternoon.

The fourth step in employing the 369 Manifestation Method is to write your affirmation six times in the afternoon.

This allows you to remove any bad energy from the morning and re-align your vibration with your desire.

To get the most out of the 369 Method, I recommend saying the affirmations aloud and then doing a short visualization. Visualization will assist you in channeling your affirmation as if it has already occurred.

Allow the positive message to energize you. Consider how nice it would feel if the affirmation were already true. Allow high-vibrational emotions to dominate your body, mind, and spirit.

Step 5: Repeat Your Affirmation 9 Times Before Going To Bed.

The fifth stage in employing the 369 Manifestation Method is to write your affirmation nine times before bed.

Even when you’re sleeping, you’re manifesting your world.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency, according to the Law of Vibration.

The energies that resonate at the same frequency are pulled to each other by the Law of Attraction.

This indicates that your energy continuously vibrates and attracts likenesses even while sleeping.

So, by writing your affirmations 9 times before going to bed to elevate your energetic vibration, you can literally create your desires while you sleep.

369 Method Video: A Slightly Different Approach

You Have To Act To Manifest.

You must take aligned action toward the objective by writing down your manifestations in the present tense and picturing them as if they’ve already occurred. Many people think manifestation is simply writing down what you want, but that’s not true. You must also take action that is congruent with your aims. 

To determine if anything is aligned, ask yourself, “Does this feel expansive for me?” Even frightening or uncomfortable, it is the right road to go if you have a positive gut sensation of expansion. If the activity feels restricted or instinctively off, don’t undertake it, even if you think it’s right.”

Avoid These Mistakes:

When selecting an affirmation, exercise caution. Your choice determines whether or not your manifestation will be successful. As previously stated, it must be long enough to satisfy the 17-second criterion.

Affirmation is more than merely declaring your desire in the “I’d like…” format. This will not work. What you want should be the foundation of your affirmation. To bring it to life, you must inject it with emotions. It would be complete and powerful if you added a large dose of thankfulness to it. For example, “I am very proud and appreciative of…” or “I am happy and overjoyed with happiness and love for…”

Incorporating emotions and appreciation into your statement is straightforward and sensible. You’re attempting to communicate with the Universe through your subconscious mind. This is the language that is understandable and appealing to your subconscious mind.

As a first-time user of this strategy, you may be a believer eager to try something new that appeals to you. Alternatively, you may be suspicious or inquisitive and attempt the procedure only to see whether it works or prove it wrong. Whatever group you are a part of, you must remember that you must begin small. Select a want that you want but aren’t obsessed with. This relieves you of stress and allows the Universe to work its magic without your interference. Keep in mind that focusing on your desire will have the opposite impact.

Its advantage is the simplicity and ease with which this manifestation approach can be integrated into your daily life. Once you’ve incorporated this into your routine, you can employ the 369 approach to manifest one wish after another.

When Will I Know If I’m Getting Results From The 369 Manifestation Method?

manifesting money
Realize Goals

You will know if this is an effective manifestation tool when your affirmations help you realize your goals.

However, it’s also important that you start to feel more positive about your goals.

If this way of manifesting isn’t working for you, it may be because you do not believe that you deserve the things you want. If this is the case, you might want to step back and journal or seek some therapy to unpack your feelings.

You must believe in yourself and get behind your belief system when manifesting. If you can do this, the 369 method could change your life.

Does The 369 Technique Take Long?

In the first few days to a week, you’ll see hints of success. How long it takes depends on several factors:

  • How clear are your intentions? 
  • How consistent are you with the process? 
  • How much emotion do you put into it? 

You should most likely receive your request before you finish or within a few weeks afterward. Things work differently for different people, however. As a general rule, you should see results within 33 to 45 days.

I hope you have great success and happiness!