10 Amazing Angel Signs


Everyone Has a Guardian Angel

The angels surround you and are always present in your life. Each of us has been given one to help guide and keep an eye on us. Angels help you and keep you safe in your daily life.

This means they could also be in your house at different times and often leave angel signs to tell you they’ve been there or are close by. What are the signs that angels are in your house?

Signs Angels Are Near

Here’s how Angels let you know they’re there and how you can become more sensitive to their energy. You can employ angel energy to manifest your desires.

1. Feathers

Finding feathers is one of the most common signs that angels are nearby. If you find feathers in your space and there’s no way they could have gotten there on their own, it’s a sign that an angel has come to visit you at home. It is a beautiful sign that they are close by, guiding, loving, and helping you in the background.

2. Coins

One more sign that angels are in your house is when you find coins. If someone gives you a coin or you find one on the ground, you should check it. Does it have some important meaning to you, like the year it was made?  What were you thinking or asking for right before you noticed it? How you felt and what was happening around you when you found the coin will help you figure out what your angels were trying to tell you. 

3. Spiritual Chill

Whenever angels are in the same room as you, there is a chance that you will feel something. A spiritual chill because angels are very high-frequency beings. This means that angela rarely comes close to you. Angels are so energizing that the energy around them will change clearly. So it’s not strange when you feel tingling sensations on your skin, also called spiritual chills.

Angels have higher energy vibrations than people. So, when your own energy meets the energy of angels, your energy and vibration get stronger. Also, spiritual chills can make your skin tingle or give you goosebumps for no apparent reason.

4. Ringing in Your Ears

Sign number four sounds like music in your ears. If you hear something ringing in your ears but don’t have a medical problem, this could be a sign of an Angel.

This could be a sign that you can hear the sounds of the universe and angels. But this makes your ears ring because it’s a message from your angels that you’re not ready to hear yet. It’s how your Angels send their advice and knowledge to your mind and let your Consciousness figure out what it means. Angels will be easier to hear when the time is right and as you continue to grow spiritually and raise your vibration. 

5. Warm Sensations – Signs an Angel is Protecting You

The fifth sign is feelings of warmth.  Angels are definitely in your house if you feel warm and comforted by the Heavens. Their presence makes you feel good, and following their advice gives you confidence. This warmth is usually linked to Archangel Michael. It signals that signs an angel is protecting you.

Still, it can also be linked to other Angels with high-energy vibrations. This warmth comes from the change in energy that happens when Spiritual Beings come to live in the physical world.

So, when angels are around, you might feel a sudden change in temperature and a sense of warmth. It might be slight, like someone just turned up the heat in the room, or it might be as strong and fast as a hot flash sign number.

6. Music

The sixth sign is angels making themselves known through music. Some people thought they heard angels singing and playing music from beyond the physical world.

Another way is through songs that keep coming back or have similar themes. These are how your angels talk to you and let you know they are there. Sign number.

7. Butterflies in Your Stomach

The seventh sign is feeling butterflies. Angels can also make you feel things, like butterflies in your stomach. Even though you might feel this when you’re excited or nervous, you might also feel it for no reason. If this happens, it could mean that angels are visiting you. They might be coming through your solar plexus chakra to talk to you. Angels may do this because they want to guide you and help you make better decisions when you have to make important decisions.

8. Sensing Odors

Sign number eight is smelling.   Angels can also make themselves known by giving you a sweet feeling odor that, most of the time, you can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

When a certain smell comes out of nowhere and speaks to your soul, bringing back special memories, the source of the smell is clear and easy to figure out. Your angels are making these kinds of smells. Angels have a special scent that will help you figure out who their guardian angels are when they come to visit.

9. Feeling Like You’re Not Alone

Sign number nine, and you feel like you’re not alone. You can also tell if an angel is in your house if you feel like you’re not alone, even if you are. You don’t feel scared or worried when this happens. You are just calm and peaceful.

Instead, it’s your angel coming to your house to see you. This presence makes you feel good inside and lets you know that you’re not alone and are being guided and helped by higher forces. 

10. Light Flashes

Flashes of light are the tenth sign. A flash of light is one of the most common signs that angels are coming to your house. Seeing flashes or shimmers of light that you can’t explain or seeing colors around you or someone else is a sure sign that an angel is nearby. Angels are beings of love and light, so they would send you this sign to let you know they are there. 

Final Words

Some of these signs may indicate you have angels in your home. They also give you comfort as signs an angel is protecting you. Call on them and invite them in, and your home will be filled with blessings and protected daily by angels.