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Author Loyd Mears

My life completely transformed after I learned how to call on my archangels for guidance. It happened on December 11, 2019.

Since then, I’m not even recognizable compared with how my life was before.

I learned which guardian angels guide me and now I have instructions and details I need to ask for guidance and understand communications from my guardians.

Now I know how to pray and how to listen to guidance. Thank God!


Personal Book Of Archangels

I discovered everything about my archangels, and what they know about me in my Personal Book Of Archangels.

Book of Archangels
Book of Archangels

It has the full meaning of each Archangel’s name, their roles, and history since ancient times and their “Sigils.”

The Sigil, or Symbol of each Archangel can be drawn on paper, or carved or imprinted on a talisman (or even jewelry) to invoke their presence, help, and guidance whenever you should need it.

  • Learn the exact prayers and invocations you should use to connect with all 3 of your archangels to help in any area of your life.
  • Discover the exact gem or stone that your archangels are drawn to and feel the presence of your guardians. Call upon them when you need help.
  • The planets your archangels rule over.
  • Which animal spirit your archangel appears as before you.
  • A special guided meditation to create a sacred mindset and space to connect with your individual archangels in person.


I have the symbols of my 3 archangels on my braceletI feel the presence of my archangels especially when I need help.

Alice P.

South Carolina USA


I love the guided meditation. I really need it sometimes to calm down and pray peacefully.

Jared S.

Texas, U.S.A

Unlimited Blessings From Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Prayer

Find The Names Of Your Archangels And Their Powers Now!

  • The One Who Guides Your Life Path Through Love, Career, And Financial Abundance.
  • The One Who Helps You With Opportunities, Challenges, And Lessons In Life.
  • The One Who Guides Your Past History From Your Past Lives, Up Until The Moment Of Your Birth (Known As Akashic Records).