Manifesting Secrets – Bust Out Of Your Rut In 4 Easy Steps


Thinking it’s not possible to have the life you really want? I struggled in a rut for years because I didn’t follow the right manifesting secrets in the Law of Attraction. I thought I could simply visualize and wish hard. Nope!

Out there in the world, it is possible. You just need a little guidance. And a little help with applying the Law of Attraction properly.

The Law of Attraction is something many are starting to learn about these days. But even if you understand the concept, it is still hard to really put it into practice.

There are many resources out there that claim to give you the answers – but they all promise different things and some of them are misleading or completely wrong.

By taking action in applying the Law of Attraction, you’ll soon be able to create your own life, your own way, and live your dreams – every single day.

Creating Your Own Life

“Creating your own life” can be interpreted in many different ways. It can begin with exercising more conscious choice by developing more awareness, all the way up to being in complete control of what manifests in your life.

To me, that means manifesting your dreams, desires, and needs using the Law of Attraction, which is how the average person on planet Earth can manifest their reality.

It’s just that few of us can make manifestation work, even though we’re all attracted to it.

Why Do So Many Fail?

But why do so many fail when they try to apply this universal law? 

There are many reasons. All of them boil down to doing it wrong and quitting too fast.

Why do people do it wrong if so many sources explain applying the Law of Attraction?

Because most people want an instant, easy solution that requires no thought or effort, and there are endless supplies of greedy people who will sell it to them.

Bust Out In 4 Easy Steps

Law Of Attraction Steps


Manifesting requires you to take action that leads you in the direction of your desire. While you are taking steps to get what you want, the Law produces ideas and leads you to people, resources, and answers that produce what you want to get.

It’s strange because the Law of Attraction resonates deeply with each of us.

You have probably experienced awe or astonishment when you have worked with manifestations. It happens for many when the desire they have focused on suddenly manifests.

Even so, many people also find it difficult to manifest their desires.

So Why Else Does The Law Of Attraction Often Not Work?

Secret Daily Habit Hack

Do we use it to determine how important something is to us? Could it be that the more important a manifestation might be, the harder it may be to bring about?

It is more likely that the difficulty of manifesting is related to your belief level than anything else.

I guess that statement may have some truth since it’s harder to believe in the possibility of some great objective manifesting. However, we need to dig deeper.

Many people claim that the key to manifestation is letting go and accepting “what is.” So manifesting those things that matter to us will be more important, right? Is it possible to do nothing but relax, meditate, visualize, and accept what is?

You’ve probably heard about the old paradigm because it is likely one of the ones influencing your life. Achieving goals often takes hard work, possibly unpleasant work, and sometimes even suffering.

We are raised on beliefs like these, and these are unpleasant, so they cause us to avoid doing things we need to do to have our desires.

However, what might be the best way to create the future than to look back at what has happened in the past?

That’s a perfectly reasonable point of view.

But it’s possible to make a big mistake if you base your thinking about manifestation on what’s happened in the past and not the spiritual form of universal intelligence.

Surrender To A Universal Force

However, surrendering to this universal force can be quite challenging. A state of surrender implies trust in the source from where we came. Surrender can be quite challenging while living in this material world, surrounded by all the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs we all hold.

As you evolve spiritually, the more you can surrender and let go. Then, you’re more able to trust in the universe and expect the best possibilities to manifest for you in your life.

You don’t have to do it right off the bat. Unless you are highly evolved spiritually, it may take time to believe that manifestation is a reality.

Even so, if you can positively evaluate events from your past, you might gain a higher level of awareness – perhaps one where you can manifest small things.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect And Positive Thinking.

Also, you don’t need to be perfect. You’ll grow your manifestation skills when you’re working on your energy. Even though you may have limiting beliefs holding you back, you have all the basic characteristics to succeed.

You need to envelop yourself in an energy field of positive energy through positive thinking affirmations, mantras, or meditations.

Positive thinking has gotten a bad reputation over the years because it has become a cliché.

What greater pleasure it would be to enjoy anticipating good things rather than expecting bad things to happen!

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Negative Thinking Is Lethal

Negative thinking diminishes your experience of life in every way, and the negative beliefs induced by a negative mindset will inhibit your ability to manifest.

If you’re surrounded by negativity on various levels, it’s hard to trust the universe to fulfill your desires. 

Negativity hinders you from letting in grace, from receiving, from trusting, and even prevents you from being open to receiving manifestations gracefully.

You aren’t responsible for any of this negativity. It came from the people who raised you. I think it’s fair to say that they didn’t know better, and what they were doing was hopefully well-intentioned.

Yet, what they gave you – the negative exclamations or the negative energies you absorb from your caregivers – could be an obstacle to manifesting.

Manifesting anything is tough, and perhaps the greatest challenge is to let go of the idea that knowledge is everything and to accept that experience is the only means of manifesting.

Manifest Your Desires Quickly By Accepting And Appreciating What You Have First

We will feel relieved when we shift our focus from what we don’t have to what we have and become excited about moving toward our goal. We will sense our vibration shift when we feel this relief. 

When we grow to a place where the thought of our desire excites us rather than frightens us or leaves us feeling lacking, we can be sure we are moving closer to achieving it.

Make Peace With The Present

The first key to manifesting your desires is accepting the present. Doing so is not always easy. No matter how challenging this may be, it is a necessary step if you wish to live in a reality where situations and circumstances can readily cross your path. 

Whenever we choose to think positively about our current circumstances, we apply the Law of attraction.

Changing situations requires acknowledging the change desired. My empty bank account would probably never inspire me to create change if I was completely content with it. 

Desire Is The Driving Force Behind All Change.

There would be no life without desire. We wouldn’t be able to expand further. But desire by itself is not the problem. You need desire and belief.

The big trouble is when we wish for something we believe is not likely to come to pass. Focusing on the fact that we do not have what we want effectively pushes it away. The Law of Attraction says as much. We must find a way to anticipate a change when we desire it joyfully.

The Fastest Way To Manifest Your Desires

The quickest way to manifest your desire is:

  1.  Accept that you do not yet have the thing or circumstance you desire.
  2. Follow the 4 Law of Attraction Steps.
  3. Then to begin rejoicing in anticipation of it coming true.

What are the signs that you’re getting closer? The moment when you feel good about the desire and not worried or disappointed.

I wish you great success and happiness!