Numerology Compatibility | 2 Amazingly Accurate Methods


I could have used some help from Numerology Compatibility in my first marriage. Although our families shared many common social and religious values, we were not compatible according to our Life Path and Destiny Numbers.

The marriage lasted five years.

So let’s look into some numerology compatibility facts.

Where do You Get Compatibility Numbers In Numerology to Compare?

Many numbers come from your name. For example, your first name is your active name, and it is the key to separate you from other family members. Your Destiny Number comes from your full name using the Pythagorean Alphabet Matrix (later in this article).

Others numbers come from your birthday. For example, the day of the month you were born is a significant number for your birth date.

However, for this article, let’s keep it simple and look only at the Destiny (name) and Life Path (birthdate) Numbers.

Here first, is a short explanation of where the numbers originated. Then, the article explains the numbers and compatibility.

Modern Numerology Comes From Pythagoras


Pythagoras, a sixth-century mathematician, numerologist, and spiritual teacher, thought that everything happened in cycles. He believed that natural principles could be exploited and demonstrated through numbers.

The system examined the digits 1 through 9, as well as the master numbers 11 and 22. You find these numbers by calculating from dates of birth and converting letters of your name to numbers. 

Pythagorean Numerology is the Modern Form of Numerology. Worldwide, there are several numerology systems. But, the Pythagorean or Modern Numerology is the most common today in the West.

Transforming the letters of your name into numbers (Destiny Number) is one of Numerology’s most appealing and useful features. 

Transforming the numbers from your birthday (Life Path Number) is another popular and useful feature.

For this article, we’ll look at the Destiny Number from your full name and the Life Path Number from your birth date.

To check compatibility, you calculate your numbers and your partner’s number to compare. Then you can reference the number compatibility chart to see where you stand.

Destiny Number and Numerology Name Compatibility

Let’s look at how to find your Destiny Number first. It isn’t hard, but there are many numbers, so go slowly and check your addition.

First, make a Pythagorean Alphabet Matrix:

Pythagorean Alphabet Chart

Now get the numbers from the letters in your full name like this example. Consider the name: John Steven Smith. Look at the matrix and see that J is 1, O is 6, and so on.

This translates to:

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20 : 2+0 = 2

Steven = 1+2+5+4+5+5 = 22 : 2+2 = 4

Smith = 1+4+9+2+8 = 24 : 2+4 = 6

Then, we add sums from first, middle, and last names together till we arrive at a single digit. 2+4+6 equals 12; 1+2 equals 3.

As a result, John’s Destiny Number would be 3.

Numerology Compatibility Numbers For Marriage

The main number for marriage compatibility is the Destiny Number you get from your name. Use the Destiny Number calculated like the example of John Steven Smith above to compare with a partner on this chart:

Numerology Chart Compatibility

marriage number compatibility

Life Path Number And Birth Date Compatibility

Your Life Path Number reveals secrets about your bigger purpose, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and goals. You get your Life Path Number from your full birth date. Here are a few examples to show you how to get your Life Path Number.

Consider the birthday of June 21, 1998.

June = 6

21 = (2+1) = 3

1998 = (1+9+9+8) = 27 and (2+7) = 9

Then we add the sums for month + day + year to reach the Lifepath Number: (6 + 3 + 9) = 18 and (1+8) = 9

So the Life Path Number for June 21, 1998, is 9.

Then you can reference the compatibility chart below to analyze compatibility between your Life Path Numbers for couples or partners.

Numerology Number Compatibility
Life Path Numbers Based On Your Birthday
Life Path NumbersCompatibleNeutralChallenging
Life Path Number 1 1 / 2 / 53 / 7 / 8 / 94 / 6
Life Path Number 2 / 111 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 3 / 95 / 7
Life Path Number 33 / 6 / 91 / 2 / 54 / 7 / 8
Life Path Number 4 / 222 / 4 /  86 / 71 / 3 / 5 / 9
Life Path Number 51 / 5 / 73 / 8 / 92 / 4 / 6
Life Path Number 6 / 333 / 6 / 92 / 4 / 81 / 5 / 7
Life Path Number 74 / 5 / 71 / 92 / 3 / 6 / 8
Life Path Number 8 / 442 / 4 / 81 / 5 / 63 / 7 / 9
Life Path Number 93 / 6 / 91 / 2 / 5 / 74 / 8

Numerology Number Compatibility

When it comes to astrology and Numerology, relationship compatibility is very popular. Of course, compatibility in signs and numbers helps, but it’s not perfect.

Numerology Compatible Numbers Help

Although relationships can work between those with any two numbers, your Destiny and Life Path Numbers can help in that pairing. The Numbers address a person’s basic set of values and qualities always present in a person’s personality. 

But, Compatibility Isn’t A Perfect Predictor

Numerology can serve as a good compass in helping you find the energy (or compatible number) that fits best with you. But, unfortunately, there is no research in any field that gives 100% assurance. So always rely on your judgment.

Compatible Numbers on the Same Wavelength

The most compatible numbers are those that are on the same frequency. Things quickly click when you encounter your number. These connections flow naturally.  

It seems like the connections are meant to be. They are full of attraction. Because you are energetically the same frequency, you will never tire of connections with those who share your number.

Compatible Patterns

Within compatibility, there are other patterns. 

  • Multiples of three are quite compatible.  (3 | 6 | 9) In some respects, all of these numbers are heart-centered since they symbolize the Communicator, Nurturer, and Humanitarian. 
  • Multiples of two get along well. (2 | 4 | 6 | 8)These are more practical numbers with comparable life philosophies.

Neutral Numbers

These are the numbers that may or may not be compatible. They can sometimes be completely neutral, with no actual meaning.

A Life Path 7 and a Life Path 1 are two examples of numbers that can go either way. Both can focus intensely on their objectives, yet their worldviews are opposed. 

The seven is always on the lookout for truth and information. In contrast, the desire to innovate and produce as much as possible drives the one.

Steve Jobs (Life Path 1) and Steve Wozniak (Life Path 7), co-founders of Apple, are an example of neutral numbers in prominent business partners. But, unfortunately, they had a very tumultuous relationship, and they finally parted ways. 

The partners met and worked together because they had a common business objective. But, they separated because their world views clashed.

Challenging Numbers

These are the numbers with opposing core values and the potential to collide. It’s not a given that you’ll have disagreements with these numbers, but the differences can help you see the world in a different light. Though these pairs may be antagonistic, they have a lot to offer and learn from each other.

A good example is Life Path five and Life Path four. The five is a free spirit who lives in a continual state of flux. Life Path four is the number of stability and structure, on the other hand. Thus, the five may see the four as chaotic, whereas the four may perceive the five as stiff.

When more difficult number combinations join together and embrace their differences, they might expand significantly. Sometimes the best instructors we have in life are the ones that push us the most.

Best Life Path Number

It depends on what you mean by “best.” For instance, the luckiest number would be seven. The Bible’s meaning makes seven the luckiest number.

Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are three of the most powerful numbers in numerology. The most potent of all the numbers, 22 appears frequently in the charts of doers, leaders, and visionary builders.

There isn’t really one number you can label as best without further explaining what’s best about it.

You may want to look into Angel Numbers to find the best numbers that have real meaning for your future. You can learn to manifest with angel numbers.

Final Word On Compatible Numbers In Numerology

In case you missed it before, it’s worth repeating. Compatibility is not a foolproof predictor. Numerology may be a useful compass in assisting you in identifying the energy (or suitable number) that is most compatible with your personality.

However, there is no research in any subject that can provide a 100 percent guarantee of success. As a result, always rely on your own judgment.

I truly hope you have wonderful success and happiness!