Writing Manifestation Methods – 6 Powerful Techniques


I’ve been very lucky that I found writing manifestation methods and tried them. I’ve manifested many things in my life by following the Law of Attraction and methods using LOA.

You can find many concepts and methods to help you manifest.

In every option, the essential principle remains the same. You have to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve more.

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777 Manifestation

777 is a popular writing method for manifesting. You can succeed if you follow some simple steps. Before you begin, clarify what you want to get in precise detail. Then, you can use 777 Manifestation by writing out your desire as an affirmation seven times each morning and seven times each night for seven consecutive days. 

It’s best to do your writing at the same time and place every day.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose a clear and attainable desire you want to achieve and write a present-tense affirmation.
  2. Set a start date and commit to following through for seven consecutive days.
  3. Every morning and evening, write your affirmation seven times.
  4. When you write, imagine already having your desire and what it feels like.
  5. After seven days, take a short break and do it again.
  6. Repeat the same process for anything else you want to achieve.

writing manifestation methods

Your affirmation should be specific and handwritten in the present tense. For example,

“I am grateful that I’m reducing my debt more every day.” 

If you skip a session, you start over again on the first day. 

Many have successfully used this method by keeping a journal and doing multiple 7-day challenges. They finish seven days, take a few days off, and then do it again for seven more days.

55X5 Technique

It is a simple and easy way to manifest desires with the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, 55X5 involves repeating your chosen affirmation 55 times daily for 5 days in a row. This concept involves reprogramming your subconscious mind to be in tune with your desire. The process helps you fulfill your desire because it meets the law of attraction’s basic condition of like attracting like.

The steps are similar to other writing manifestation methods:

  1. First, decide what you want to get and design an affirmation in the present tense as if it is already true.
  2. Next, choose a time and place to handwrite your affirmations 55 times every day for five successive days. 
  3. Make sure you have five uninterrupted days on your calendar.
  4. Every day for five days, handwrite your affirmation 55 times.
  5. When you finish, don’t dwell on it. Move on to something else.

Research demonstrates that it helps to start any project on the first day of the week, month, or year.

Starting on the first has some psychological effect that boosts your resolve.

1X11 Method

The 1×11 manifestation method is a simple daily exercise based on angel number 111 that helps you manifest anything you desire.

It only takes a few minutes to use the 1×11 manifestation method. It’s a terrific option for busy people, and if done correctly and consistently, it can be highly effective.

This Is How the 11 Manifestation Method Works:

  1. Identify the one thing you want to manifest. Make certain that you have a clear image of it.
  2. Write it down in a statement or affirmation. Ensure that this statement makes you visualize it in your mind as if it were already a part of your life.
  3. For 11 consecutive days, you will write and say this affirmation 11 times in the morning and 11 times at night. 
  4. After each session, feel how good it is to have the object of your desire.

It’s important to keep your expectations in control when you’re doing this for 11 days. You may be able to accomplish your greatest objective in just 11 days, but that isn’t the point.

After your 11 days are up, take a few days off. Then, identify your vibrational state and make a new 11-day promise.

You shouldn’t worry about how much time anything will take to come to pass. The only thing you should do is focus on raising your vibration.

Many believe it utilizes the power of angel number 111 to manifest your thoughts and dominant vibration. You can learn to use angel numbers to manifest.

Angel number 111 signals that your thoughts and actions attract abundance into your life. It’s a sign that your hopes and dreams are coming true. 111 also signals that the angels are always there for you. 

It’s possible to feel closer to your guardian angel by using angel number 111.

369 Method

Manifest a life of abundance.

This method comes from the beliefs of a famous engineer, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). 

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a brilliant engineer who invented remote control and the Tesla Coil. He’s also famously known for his spirituality.

Tesla said, “If you grasp the magnitude of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you have the key to the universe”.

The number 3 connects us to the universe. In contrast, the number 6 signifies our inner power, and the number 9 helps us let go of negative emotions.

To find the mysteries of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration – the precise ingredients we employ when manifesting.

How to implement 369 Manifestation successfully the way I used it:

  1. Clearly describe what you want to manifest and create an affirmation. Your affirmation should reference your desire as if it were already true.
  2. Write your affirmation 3 times in the morning and 6 times at night for 9 consecutive days. 
  3. After 9 days, take a short break and begin again for another 9 days.

I found this method far better than the traditional method of writing 3 times in the morning, 6 times midday, and 9 times in the evening for 33 days. But don’t let me stop you from using the traditional method if you like.

The God Frequency

3X33 Technique

This is another method where you write affirmations “X” times for “Y” days. In this case, you write your affirmation 33 times for 3 consecutive days. Here’s what to do:

  1. Identify one goal you want to achieve in your life. Think deeply about what you want to create. Are you ready to receive it when it appears in unexpected ways? 
  2. Do your sessions in the 3 x 33 manifestation method in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 
  3. Don’t split it up throughout the day. Write it all in one sitting.
  4. Write your affirmations in the present tense. You should feel it as you write it. Focus entirely on the present moment. Write with feeling and emotion.

I prefer using 33 consecutive days and writing my affirmations 3 times when I wake up. Then I write it 3 times after lunch, and finally 3 times before sleeping at night.

The important things are to have a clear goal, consistently follow through writing your affirmations, and stay focused on the present moment.


According to the Law of Attraction, scripting is writing down a good description of what you wish to create as if it were already true. It’s an exercise where you think and act as if you’ve already achieved your goal.


Scripting is an effective strategy when it describes the processes, abilities, and mentality required to achieve your goals.

Your scripts should cover the steps you must follow as well as the abilities you must learn. Also include the mindset or attitude you’ll need to reach your goal.

It’s not a one-time thing. You establish a daily habit of detailing various features and sensations associated with your manifestation wish in the present tense. You put down the facts, picture them, and imagine the feelings using a mindset that your outcome is real now.

Here’s how to use scripting:

  1. Decide what you want to get. Describe your goal in detail and include feelings associated with having it.
  2. Choose a time and place to spend 10 minutes every day scripting. You’ll script about 10 minutes a day non-stop. Once you’ve achieved one desire, start scripting on a new target.
  3. Decide which types of scripting you will use. Several scripting styles exist. Choose ones that you prefer and switch styles if you like diversity. Scripting approaches include story, statement, and justification.

Story Scripting

In this scripting style, you will create a story about your manifestation in the present tense, as if it were happening right now. It is the practice of maintaining a journal or diary of happenings.

Create a day-in-the-life tale as if you were already living your perfect life. Include information about what you could have, what you could do, and how you would feel if you already had what you desired.

You can be as specific as you want. For example, you can focus on your general contentment and discuss things that are now exactly as you desired. 

Alternatively, you may write your journal entry as though you had just accomplished a specific goal that you had set for yourself.

Statement Scripting

This style is 777, 369, and others. You choose a target to manifest, make affirmations, and write the same affirmations a certain number of times daily for a set period.

Justification Scripting

This method is different because you write why your desire is important and worthwhile. The other methods focus on what and how, but not on why.

Like all manifestation methods, you begin with a clear description of exactly what you want. You also act as if you’ve already achieved your desire, and you write about why it’s so amazing and worthwhile.

You answer the questions “why is this important, wonderful, awesome, and so on.” 

You can further write statements about how thankful you are for this amazing thing.

Conclusion For Writing Manifestation Methods

I have the best success with methods that are flexible and not so labor-intensive that it becomes a chore. I can’t get myself to mindlessly sit and write my affirmation 33 times either. 

I suggest you try 777 and use the justification scripting because they aren’t too time-consuming and have some flexibility.

Stick with your dreams! I hope you have amazing success and happiness!