Law of Attraction Proof – 4 Steps To Guarantee Success


My Law of Attraction proof is that I have successfully used it to manifest many things into my life. I have manifested money, houses, cars, promotions in my career, and business success over the past 12 years. 

It’s an imperfect method. Even so, it worked for me because I had a single-minded focus, patience, and persistence. As well, I never expected my desires to appear magically out of thin air. 

If you spend as much time as I have to learn about the Law of Attraction, you’ll start to see a pattern. I found more information about why it may not be working for me than about the law itself.

I am certain the main reason it doesn’t work for many is that people try to sell that it works like magic. Of course, even more, people desperately want the magic solution.

People who only wish will get nothing without actions. The Law of Attraction doesn’t grant wishes like a genie in a bottle.

  • The Law of Attraction worked for me because I deeply seeded my desired goal in my very essence. I did so by following affirmations and writing manifestation methods
  • Then my subconscious mind worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide creative ideas and draw my attention to opportunities that led me to receive my desires.
  • Finally, I acted on the ideas and opportunities and got everything I wanted.

Law of Attraction Proof: How It Works For Real

To master the Law of Attraction, you must first understand how it works. “Like Attracts Like” is the easiest approach to understand how the Law of Attraction works. 

Humans emit energy into the world. This energy might be low or high. We will attract low-energy things if we keep producing low energy levels into the Universe. Conversely, high energy levels attract high-energy stuff.

If you believe in a magic genie solution, go here or here. They will happily blow smoke up your woohoo and sell you the genie. Because many people want a free prize, they’ll buy into the easy magic.

It’s All About Vibrations

To better understand the Law of Attraction, explore the Law of Vibration. You must realize that everything in our Universe is always vibrating. From a grain of salt to a star, everything vibrates constantly. Our brains evolved to ignore this so we may view a peaceful world. 

Blurred Image Simulates Vibrations

In reality, we would struggle to cope with everything vibrating around us. So the vibrations, sight, and sound have been blocked. But the things still vibrate.

Colors are vibrations at a precise frequency, according to scientists. You create your reality in your mind, and it has been converted to make your life easier. 

The Law of Vibration is genuine, and it states that things with comparable vibration frequencies attract each other. Your mind constantly sends forth varied frequency vibrations to the Universe.

Like attracts like, and your ideas determine your fate. It’s simple: send out the proper vibrations at the right frequency.

You must be in harmony with the Universe for it to create your desires. In short, your vibrations drew every good and bad thing into your life. Focus on what you are and have. Your mind directs your fate.

Positive ideas lead to positive outcomes. Consider the human emotions that send beneficial vibrations to the Universe:

  • Joy 
  • Passion
  • Excitement
  • Pride 
  • Confidence

Your vibrations will be higher and more positive when you feel these feelings. Those bad emotions that send negative vibrations to the Universe are:

  • Disappointment
  • Loneliness
  • A Mindset of Lacking Things
  • Sadness
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Pain

The argument is that if you are always in pain (mental, not bodily), the Universe will deliver the same to you because that is your vibration. If you have a lot of passion in your life, the Universe will give you more passion.

Modify Your Mindset

So, where does it all lead? You need to modify your mindset to ensure the Law of Attraction works for you. If you are continually complaining about everything, you need to stop or continue to receive more complaints.

Tune Your Mind to Change Your Destiny


The Law of Attraction works, but not with hope. It’s about believing in the rule and communicating with the Universe correctly. The more in tune your mind is, the stronger your connection with the Universe. Think of it as the “Law of Thinking.”

A positive mindset is key to the Law of Attraction and your success. Your brain is all-powerful, and it will lead you in the way it desires.

Everything in your life right now is a function of your thoughts and mind. So focus on what you want and allow the Law of Attraction to assist you in achieving it.

It’s all about consistently sending the Universe great levels of energy and happy vibrations. But you can’t just sit and hope. Hope is futile. You must be certain about what you want and believe you will obtain it. 

Shift Your Thinking

To maximize the Law of Attraction, you must shift from objective to subjective thinking. Objectively, you accept something is real if you can see it, hear it or smell it. Subjective thinking makes us believe something in our imaginations before we see it.

When we think subjectively, we believe something is real before we see it. As an example, you expect to receive a promotion before it happens, then you receive it. That expectation is subjective thinking. 

Transition to Subjective Thinking

Thinking subjectively is like dreaming. In order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, practice making the transition to subjective thinking. You must understand that your perception of reality is completely contained in your mind and shaped by your mind.

However, this doesn’t mean that everything around you isn’t real, only that it is inside our minds. Our dreams can be changed, and when we apply the Law of Attraction correctly we can also change our reality.

Video: More About Mindset For The Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction: 4 Steps To Guarantee Success

LOA Steps

These are the steps you need to take to increase your Law of Attraction success chances significantly. These methods have worked well for most people and will help you tune your brain and develop subjective thinking.

Don’t expect to get results from this overnight. In general, mastering the Law of Attraction takes time and effort, so follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: You Must Figure Out What You Want From Life

For you to connect with the Universe, you must have specific goals and desires, as well as the reasons behind them. Goals may not appeal to you, but they work as they give you a clear focus, which is crucial with the Law of Attraction. 

You should brainstorm a list of what you want and what you don’t want.


Divide a page into two columns and put the things you want on the left side and those you don’t want on the right.

For example, you don’t want to be in debt or stressed out about paying the bills. So those go on the right-hand side of the paper. Then for each “don’t want” item, write the opposite on the “want” side. The opposite of this example would be, “I want to be debt-free and stress-free.” You would write this on the left side.

Create opposite statements for each item on your paper’s left and right-hand sides. As you note what you want, ask yourself why you want it. 

Your subconscious mind will resonate positively when you write down goals with strong emotions attached. As a result, you will exude higher energy levels and dramatically elevate your vibrations.

Step 2: Use Positive Affirmations For Success

Affirmations are highly powerful, so make a list of ones that support your goals. Write each affirmation as though the goal has already been achieved. So, for “I want to be debt-free,” the affirmation is “I am entirely debt-free.” 

Repeat your affirmations regularly, either aloud or in your mind. It’s best to repeat the positive affirmations in the morning and before bedtime. Why? Then you’ll be ready for an action-packed day.

After a while, your affirmations will enter your subconscious mind, which constantly connects with the Universe. Affirmations can help you transform negative thoughts into positive actions to succeed massively.

Step 3: Take The Right Action

If you think the Law of Attraction would give you what you want without having to do anything, you will be disappointed. To achieve your goals, you must behave consistently. Your subconscious mind will feed on this and keep sending the proper vibrations and energy levels to the Universe. 

Keep your goals in mind and remind yourself of the emotions they evoke. If you have to choose between two options to achieve a goal, examine how each choice feels. Take action on what “feels right” to you. You will never miss an opportunity if you sincerely believe in the Law of Attraction. So you may trust your gut instincts. 

Hard work and action are not necessarily the key to success. You must work wisely and only act on your intuition. Work on daily tasks to achieve your goals. Most things have shortcuts, and smart people always find them. 

Adopt a step-by-step action plan. You can never predict the exact measures you need to take, so don’t worry about it. If something doesn’t work, try another. 

Don’t lose trust in the Law of Attraction. Keeping your goals in mind and working towards them will prevent your subconscious mind’s vibrations from weakening. So will the vibrations and so the signals conveyed to the Universe. 

But it’s not just about action. You must examine any limiting ideas that are holding you back.

Step 4: Identify And Replace Your Limiting Beliefs

Each of us has ingrained beliefs. We may benefit from some beliefs and not others. You learned a lot from your parents and those around you when you were a child. 

As a child, your parents may have continuously told you, “money is the root of all evil,” which is an ingrained limiting belief that you don’t want to keep.

Using your subconscious, you can replace these limiting beliefs with other statements. You can do this with affirmations. You may wish to create affirmations such as “I love money and money loves me,” “money will enable me to help other people,” etc., if you have any negative beliefs about money.

For the Law of Attraction to work for you fully, you need to identify and remove these limiting beliefs.

Final Words

You now have compelling reasons proving the Law of Attraction works if you follow the process. You also need to appreciate that the Universe isn’t going to give you things magically.

I am rooting for you to achieve massive success and happiness!